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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No special software is required. Content encoded using Live Extreme can be viewed through the device's audio output from a web browser such as Chrome or Safari.

Full HD video with the lowest bit rate + 48 kHz/24 bit audio requires a line that can stably transfer data at about 15 Mbps, while 4K video with the highest bit rate + 192 kHz/24 bit audio requires a stable data transfer rate of about 40 Mbps. We recommend optical line over 4G line and wired Ethernet connection over Wifi.

If you have a conversion cable that outputs HDMI from your PC or smartphone, you can connect it to your TV and watch it. You can also watch using Amazon Fire TV (*1), Google Chromecast (*2), or AirPlay.

*1 Can be played using a web browser (Amazon Silk).

*2 Google Chromecast supports playback of Full HD video + 48 kHz audio only, even if it is a 4K compatible model.

Open Full HD video + 48kHz/24bit audio content in Chrome browser (Windows 10, macOS, Android). When playback starts, click “Cast” from the “︙” button in the lower right and select the device to cast to.

Although it was not supported when Live Extreme was launched in 2020, it now supports lossless playback on the Safari browser. Please note that due to the specifications of the Safari browser, high-resolution playback is not possible even if an external USB-DAC is connected to the iPhone.

To play high-resolution audio, you need to connect a high-resolution compatible DAC to your PC and set the OS audio settings appropriately. (For details, see “Playback method” .) High-resolution audio cannot be played on smartphones or STBs (it will be down-converted to 48kHz sample rate playback).

Please use a browser with a high-resolution compatible Android digital audio player. Please note that with other models such as smartphones, high-resolution playback is not possible even if an external USB-DAC is connected.