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Store, Stream, and Share Your Existing
High Quality Audio + Video

Focus on content creation.
Let Showcase do the rest.

Share your existing high quality content using Live Extreme Showcase. Simply prepare your content, and Showcase provides total support for everything necessary for a high-quality, high-definition video distribution service, from video archiving to service operation.

Live Extreme Showcase minimizes your workload by offering 4K, hi-res audio and multichannel audio content preparation, server management, player preparation, as well as copyright and royalty processing service. As a result, you can simply focus on content creation.

Instantly Assembling the World's Best Sound Quality Streaming Platform.

  • Hi-res Audio (Linear PCM, DSD)
  • Immersive Audio (Maximum of 7.1.4ch)
  • Simultaneous Sub Stream Capability (e.g. audio commentary track)
  • Audio Only Streaming is also available
  • 4K Video
  • Web Browser Playback
  • Smartphone and STB Compatibility
  • Playback Stability on Slow Internet (ABR)
  • Content Protection

Flexible Commerce Capability and Expandability

  • Working with External Ticketing Services
  • IP Specific Viewing Access Restriction
  • Generating Viewing Serial Codes (to be included with merchandise)
  • Rental Service
  • Subscription Service
  • Member Specific Closed Service
  • Concert Ticket Delivery Service

Get Live Extreme Showcase and start streaming your content at the highest audio quality available.